Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

3 hot girls on a Thunderbike

Sexy girls and a sexy bike. (Thunderbike Spectacula)
2nd place @ AMD World Championship 2006 in Sturgis.

Photo & Bike by: Thunderbike Germany

One more unidentified Custom Bike

One more unknown custom bike. Post comments if you know who made this one.

Photo by :

What a nice Hayabusa

Dedicated to those who think Hayabusas are ugly ;)

Unknown Custom Bike @ Harley Davidson Meeting "Faak am See" 2008

Thats a long fork ;-)

Unknown Custombike in Kettering / UK

Nice Handlebars. If anyone knows who made this .. just let me know.

Photo by : AmosWolfe /

Hello World!

Welcome to my brand new blog.
I will write about custom motorcycles and post any kind of cool image or wallpaper i find on the web.

If you have any kind of cool (open) pics, just let me know in the comments.